“”You are a game changer! Your coaching has really allowed me to transition what I do for a career. That’s a pretty big outcome!”

Former Partner TAS, EY London

Gamechanger is a specialist coaching, training and consulting company

At its heart is Rob Rave, a London based transformational coach with 15 years’ experience. Rob is supported by talented associates, working seamlessly together to deliver organisational, team and individual change. Gamechanger works across many sectors, delivering interventions that address complex situations including engagement, performance and team challenges.

We operate one-to-one and with teams; from start-ups and specialist businesses to global corporations, the private and public sector and learning and development professionals. Chances are, some of that experience may be directly relevant to the needs of your business.

About Us

Nothing if not unconventional. We are creative, dynamic, slightly maverick yet impeccably professional.

We will work with your individual leaders to build their skills or help to develop a below par team.

More about Rob

What We Do

We are specialists, the changes we make are special. If there is potential to develop, a challenge to overcome or a problem to solve, we can make it happen.

I say ‘we’, although gamechanger is Rob.

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Rob Rave

Real Life Stories

“Rob is a fantastic coach, the best I’ve worked with.

He’s also a great listener and brings a breadth of professional and personal experiences to share and support the conversation”
Senior Executive, Glasgow