Whether you are looking to accelerate the development of your key personnel, break through perceived ceilings in individual performance or simply develop your own prospects and management style, there is a gamechanger one-to-one programme designed to suit every individual.

“Rob has helped me to identify issues that were getting in the way of me achieving what I want to achieve. We have worked on how to craft my personal brand and ensure that I am visible to my key stakeholders”

Partner, Big 4

“Rob has worked with HJS for many years, helping us to define our vision and supporting key directors. Rob’s input over the years has been both enlightening and invigorating”

Gordon Johnston, Managing Partner. HJS Group

One to One Leadership & Executive Coaching

High level leadership requires executives to step back, consider their strategy and how their action supports key priorities. Focussing on themes of leadership, influence and stakeholder management, executive coaching helps to address specific challenges and develop leadership skills:

  • Leadership impact and confidence
  • Interpersonal and communication skills (including influencing, motivating, resolving conflict)
  • Managing complex relationships (including managing upwards and peers)
  • Managing organisational change, transition and succession planning

High Performing Team Leader

Learn and develop key skills to manage high performing teams. This six month programme develops the right mind set for team leaders:

  • Take ownership and lead from the front
  • Builds self-belief, initiative and trust
  • Learn how to confidently run team sessions

Integration & Transition Coaching

Most new hires fail in their first 90 days in a new position or role. This programme enables individuals to integrate effectively and successfully into a new role:

  • Identify and focus on mission-critical objectives in your first 90 days
  • Establish dynamic new working relationships with stakeholders
  • Adapt to new policies, cultures, operational variables, situations and scenarios

Solutions Focused Breakthrough Coaching

In four sessions learn to address your anxiety, negative and challenging/ limiting thinking. Solution focused mind hacking using solution focussed interventions, performance psychology and hypnosis for anxiety, self-doubt and performance issues.

  • Deal with difficult personal/ interpersonal situations
  • Improve self confidence
  • Eliminate the threat of “imposter syndrome”

Present, Pitch or Interview at your Best

Practice, hone and perfect ‘you at your best’, whether that is for interview, in a presentation or a pitch. Improve confidence in the spotlight, self management and gravitas.

  • Make effective presentations and pitches
  • Turn nerves and fear to your advantage
  • Handle tricky audiences, difficult questions and objections

Best Year Yet

Create your Best Year Yet with this 12-month proven success mapping and tracking sytem for ambitious entrepreneurs, start-ups, individuals and businesses looking to get to a new level. Average business growth as a result of this coaching is 32%.

“Rob coached me over 12 months on The Best Year Yet program and it was fantastic… This your has definitely been my Best Year Yet”

MD, Media Company