“I thought these things were impossible. You are a gamechanger. Your coaching has allowed me to transition what I do for a career. That’s a pretty big outcome!”

Former Partner TAS, EY London

Gamechanger is a specialist coaching, performance and facilitation company

I help high performers and teams create powerful results by changing mindsets, having different powerful conversations and embedding new skills & behaviours.

This solves issues that are blocking career promotion, leadership & team effectiveness, stakeholder relationships, presence, personal fulfilment & creating new results.

My clients know what it means to be at the top of their game, whether they are a team, a CEO, CFO, lawyer or partner. And they are ready to discover what it will take to reach their next level – or beyond. They want to experience true success in their work and other areas of their life.

About Me

Unconventional, creative, maverick and professional. A former sports coach I have worked previously with serial prisoners, drug offenders and children with ADD, ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome.

I am the creator of FLIP performance coaching and the Change & Performance Labs.

My associates includes actors performers magicians and improvisers .

Clients value the very different learning and performance experiences we create.

More about Rob

Rob Rave

About You

We may not have met yet, however if you take a minute to read through this you’ll get a sense of the sort of clients I tend to work with. If that resonates then let’s talk and see if I can support you in the changes you are after.

You are most likely a high performer looking at ways to address blocks or interferences to career promotion, leadership, presence, developing teams, personal career fulfilment & creating better results in your role.

You might be leader, consultant or entrepreneur…

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What I Do

What I Do

My expertise is in shifting minds and behaviours. I coach, challenge & focus individuals on the change they want.

I am rigorous in my approach. I hold people to be the best version of themselves. I challenge their self limiting narratives.

“Rob’s a highly effective coach. Every hard working, high achieving professional would benefit from working with him.”
Lorenzo Russo CEO Helm Capital , Former Vision PE partner, ex Harvard Business School, Client for over 5 years.

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Real Life Stories

“Rob is a fantastic coach, the best I’ve worked with.

He’s also a great listener and brings a breadth of professional and personal experiences to share and support the conversation”
Senior Executive, Glasgow

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