Performance Review – FLIP “live” 2013

Below is note I received about a performance review (unedited other than a name change to maintain confidentiality) It was received after 1 day of training in FLIP training in 2013 as part of a development programme with a FTSE 100 company


I wanted to share with you a colleague review I have been a part of today, practising the learning's from yesterday.  I say a part of because that was how it felt – it didn't feel like I was reviewing someone else's performance – it felt like I was listening to my guy tell me all the great things he wanted to do, to help the store.

My supervisor MR X has been with me since we opened the store together five years ago and has always been the same – a nice guy to be around, can be great but can also be a pain. I have been trying for the last five years to get him to coach others, let them do the work, be a part of their development and spend time developing himself and never quite succeeded.

Outcome focus

We sat down today, with his development review sheet in front of him and started talking. After about ten minutes he had told me what he wanted from today’s review, how it would help him move forward, where he wanted to be in six months time, why he wanted to be there, how he would feel when he got there and how his partner would feel when he got there.

Then he stopped. He asked me if this was still his review or were we just chatting. When I said both, he looked shocked. 'I don't understand!' he said.

Shift in conversation

We talked for another half an hour, where he solved all of the problems that I thought he had over the last five years. He wants to let more colleagues take over his responsibilities more, he wants to develop them into bigger roles, he wants to develop himself in areas that he barely touches right now and he wants to achieve the goal he has set himself. He can't wait to take on more responsibilities in store, has put himself at 90% of the way there and has worked out what each of the 1% steps looks like. He spoke about feeling valued and being successful which we then linked in to it being a great place to work – and he completely got it!

We ripped up his written review at the end because the sheet did not work for him – he doesn't like reading boring bits of paper so he is going to get something together that will, in his words 'Remind me everyday how great I can be.'

I have just done five years worth of work in the last hour and really enjoyed it.

That is day 1 done WOW and thank you!