The Power of Conversations

Ultimately all business is done through conversation. You would think the technology we have at our fingertips would help but it only seems to compound the problem. We move at such a speed now-a- days it’s no wonder our conversations are ‘verbally rushed transactions’.

Someone once said that everything gets done through conversations. As no conversations can be emotionally neutral we either enhance or diminish relationships with them.

FLIP and engagement

I first created FLIP in 2013 working with a FTSE 100 company that had spent lots of money on coaching but it wasn’t sticking! This program was described by the Head of development as “A revolutionary way of approaching how we engage our colleagues to drive enhanced business performance”

Participants said “The penny has dropped it’s about simple conversations in our language “ and “I have to say that I am really looking forward to the half year reviews which will be a different conversation than they have had previously and will be  my opportunity to ensure that they are all having conversations that stick and add value.”

At the heart of all of this is my basic belief that ‘good conversations don’t happen by accident!’

FLIP for leaders

FLIP conversations are outcome focused, strength and success based and utilise key resources. They are also conversational
“You’re a very skilled conversationalist and I enjoy our discussions – That is important because no one needs another chore. You’re able to make our discussions valuable without making them feel like work.” Partner Infrastructure Professional Services London

“After a three hour intensive High Performing Team Session our collective focus was reset, with increased levels of flow and connection across the team. It proved to be a fun and enlightening way to develop trust and communication.” Partner Advisory Professional Services London

What actually is FLIP?

It is a model to enable leaders to use a powerful “hack” to do effective coaching in short time frames. It stands for Focus. Listen. Impact. Progress.

Appreciative and strengths based

FLIP is a simple and powerful strength based positive and appreciative conversational approach to having short daily “on the job “informal conversations, performance conversations, and conversations for change with clients peers or staff . They make individuals really think and are very effective ways of introducing effective coaching very quickly and simply. It is a goal focused approach, and has been referred to as a "soft skill with a hard edge."

Busy leaders – save time with coaching “hack”

These FLIP conversations create amongst other outputs a “flow of collaboration and thinking”. They can be used in formal settings, performance reviews or whilst on the way to meetings, after meetings, in the corridor or over a coffee. It maximizes the use of attention and time and is an ideal “hack /tool” for busy leaders. These conversations can be applied to teams and individuals and clients.