I am a specialist. I work with special people and teams who want to focus, develop and transform.

Coaching with Rob RaveIf there is potential to develop, a challenge to overcome or a team problem to facilitate & solve, then I will work alongside you to make it happen. This work will cost you more than the money you invest.

It is not is not for everyone. It requires courage and commitment to change.

“My journey with Rob has been a career-changing experience. His coaching is creative and high-impact , highly recommended.”

Equity tax partner, Big 4 London

I’m committed to delivering results like that if you and I work together. I can’t be sure that this is right for you but the next step could be for you to find out if it is (or isn’t). I’m sure like me, that you value making an informed decision.

The individuals, groups and teams I work with are analytical and technically competent leaders, consultants or entrepreneurs working in finance, professional services, HR, L&D , banking, investment and related industries.

“The resulting change of attitude has since then been noticed by my colleagues and greatly helped better position my career. My sessions with Rob contributed to transform what I believed to be an uninspiring working environment into an exciting position with countless opportunities to thrive.”

Investment Director, Mid market Private Equity London

The ‘right’ working relationship is 100% important. I don’t want to waste your time or mine in a bespoke program if it’s not right for you.

That’s why new clients start with a single ‘pure focus’ session. There is no fee for this confidential session however your focus, energy and commitment to change are the initial currency that I’ll be looking for.

I love it when a potential clients just says “I’m going ahead & booking a session to explore what it could be like working with you.” Why ? Because then I know then you are open minded and are serious about moving forward. If this feels right for you now then I look forward to having our first conversation.

Gamechanger Coaching Programmes & Workshops

As a leader, you’ll know if something isn’t quite right. We can relieve the pressure so you can re-focus; develop winning teams, give sales a boost or re-energise your staff.

“It was the most engaged and energised I’ve seen our team!”

​Partner, Big 4 London

​With experience across a range of sectors including professional services and banking, core gamechanger principles are applied on a one-to-one basis, to teams and in a conference or ‘live ‘event setting. Whatever the context, content is tailored to maximise engagement. My team and individual interventions start with a 50 minute ‘chemistry and outcome’ session to make sure I fit your requirements.