​Ideal for high performing teaming, pursuit alignment/ team pitching, this bespoke experiential inter-active programme enables participants to build self-awareness, trust, connection, spontaneity, adaptability, influencing and pitching skills.

  • A series of connected short ‘thinking on your feet’ activities
  • Theatre, storytelling, improvisation, collaboration and ‘flow’ exercises
  • A fun way for teams and groups to ‘bond, connect and learn’ together

Why relevant

A laboratory is a place where experiments ( & failure ) take place. These involve engaging in practical “in the moment” exercises and then immediately reviewing the results for both the individual and the teams – what works (or doesn’t) and why and how can we apply this knowledge in real life progress. Neuro-chemicals are released as fun, learning and new performance is accelerated.

The labs are deep practice sessions using key concepts and practical ideas from the world of performance psychology, neuroscience, theatre, sport, high performance coaching and improvisation.

The Labs create opportunities to stretch/ change habitual behaviours & spotlights new behavioural changes happening live in the room.


​“After a 3 hour intensive High Performing Team Session our collective focus was reset, with increased levels of flow and connection across the team. It proved to be a fun and enlightening way to develop trust and communication.”

​Partner, Global big 4 firm, London

​They are an ideal for team away days, conferences or as part of a high performing team intervention or business development or presentation & pitching/pursuits skills development process

We work with anything from 6 in a high performing team to a conference of 200 people

I co -facilitate this with a colleagues who is a skilled professional improviser and writer/ director working with The Actors Centre and The Court Theatre training company, The London College of Music, whose clients have included the RAF, Turner Broadcasting and ITV.

​​BD/Pursuit leader

​“This is engaging, active and immediately deployable – I’d highly recommend it.”

​​​Head of Assurance Pursuits, Global Big 4 firm London.

​Length of Session

Sessions are generally ½ days or full day (Sometimes our conference sessions are 90minutes/ 2 hours depending on the specific conference requirements).

If you’d like to talk about a pursuit, a conference or an event just book in a time that suits you and I’ll be happy to talk you through some ideas & options….


​​“Using the lab for our conference positively disrupted our norm. They provided a practical and fun-filled session getting engagement and commitment from our extended senior team of over 60 people in a short time. They made sure energy was high and introduced exercises that created individual and team stretch resulting in enhanced teaming outcomes.”

​​Partner, Global big 4 firm, London

​Example labs:

​Confidence, Presence & Status

​Status encapsulates how the social interactions we make with other people and the world identify our strengths and weaknesses or our confidence or doubt. This session explores the impact of status on voice, body and beyond and how this affects your presence.

​Storytelling, You, & Your Brand

​Stories are more powerful than information and statistics. Stories allow us to provide messages in a context that makes them more easily relatable and meaningful. Using exercises from improvised theatre we explore how stories and storytelling can be used to create a narrative for you and your brand. (3 hour session).

​​Presenting & Performing Authentically

​If you watch “Romeo & Juliet” performed by bad actors you will lose the power of Shakespeare’s prose and poetry. Similarly a fantastic message can be lost if the performance or presentation is poor. This session will focus on presenting and performing with exercise drawn from the theatre, applied psychology and coaching.

​​​Spontaneity, Adaptability & Resilience

​Everyone would like to be more able to respond more effectively in the moment. Improvisers are masters of thinking on their feet. This session will explore exercises and activities to develop your confidence to deal with the unexpected.