Even the best performing teams benefit from ‘alignment’ at regular intervals, drawing attention and focus on what makes them successful and exploring ways of building on these critical factors.

From a ½ -1 day hour workshop to a year- long, results focused Best Year Yet team programme. We address team behaviours, team relationships, strategy alignment, team mergers/ integration, team performance coaching, off-site away days and focused interventions that enable teams to align, perform, eliminate distractions and concentrate on achieving significant results.

“The result of this 1 day process on my team has been to improve communication at all levels and in all directions”

Partner, Global Professional Services, London

The Curve – 12 months of Team Focus

The Curve is for ambitious companies who really want to outperform their competitors in the marketplace and have their best year yet.

The Curve is a state of the art team coaching process with an on line system used in monthly team sessions to help teams develop a legacy, values and goals, enabling them to map and track their performance as a team. It creates a culture of alignment accountability and focus with members individually and collectively held accountable each month.

The system is compatible with hand-held smart devices reminding members of the team about deadlines and objectives.

‘Live in the Moment’ Teaming (5-100 delegates)

Ideal for conferences or team bonding, this experiential inter-active programme enables participants to build self-awareness, trust, connection, communication, adaptability, bonding and pitching skills.

  • A series of connected short ‘thinking on your feet’ activities
  • Theatre, storytelling, improvisation, collaboration and ‘flow’ exercises
  • A fun way for teams and groups to ‘bond, connect and learn’ together’

FLIP Coaching Workshop (2-40 delegates)

A 2-3 hour tailored accelerated learning workshop. FLIP is a unique conversational coaching approach developed by Rob Rave. Originally used for a FTSE 100 company, FLIP delivered measurable progress and engagement, achieving their five year target within just one year. It is a very effective way of focusing on strength-based change and progress.

  • Harness the power of effective, constructive and dynamic conversation
  • Encourages short daily conversations that impact individuals and teams
  • Encourages a sustainable coaching culture and organisational transformation
  • Saves £ on training time!

“6 weeks have passed… reflecting on the impact of the season the ROI has been considerable, engagement and morale in my team has improved considerably.”

Manager, FTSE 100

Inspirational Presenting & Pitching (6-10 delegates)

Successful presentations and pitches can make or break sales targets and strategic goals.
This two day, intensive and excitingly different programme will help Board level or senior executives deliver inspirational presentations and pitches, and is packed with participation and feedback.

  • Make effective prepared and spontaneous presentations and pitches
  • Deliver talks and pitches with real passion and impact
  • Turn nerves and fear to your advantage
  • Handle tricky audiences, difficult questions and objections

‘Inspirational Presenting & Pitching’ is led by former BBC producer, inspirational trainer and best-selling author Paul Z. Jackson. Paul has worked with and trained many high-profile performers including Steve Coogan, Rob Bryden, Dawn French, Neil Mallarkey and Josie Lawrence.

Paul and Rob direct this award-winning course, which is intense and fun, and will equip you with a range of accelerated learning, solid performance psychology, research, storytelling tips and simple ‘hacks’ from the world of theatre and live performance. Delegates will be able to excel on the platform and in front of any audience.

“Exceeded our expectations and gave us a whole new perspective to think about structured learning experiences within P&G. Well worth the time spent. Appreciate all your hard work.”

Head of Training, Procter & Gamble