“I highly recommend Rob, he’s an engaging and knowledgable speaker whose skills would add value to any organisation.”

James Murphy FRSA

I am a regular speaker at live events, seminars and conferences. I can design and deliver a wide range of tailored content, and has a portfolio of interactive sessions which can be adapted and rolled-out at short notice for audiences of up to 200 people.

“Rob’s relaxed but positive delivery held my attention throughout. But better than this, his content was fresh, logical, full of experience and left me wanting to know more.”


  • Leader as Gamechanger

    Well-developed conversational and interactive session around leaders driving change and performance.

  • Coaching is Dead. Long Live Conversational Coaching

    Why traditional coaching on a daily basis doesn’t work. What are needed are short focused conversations. This shows you how.

  • Gamechanger in Action: Engagement

    Interactive case study of a FSTE company using this new approach and affecting performance and engagement.

  • ‘Live in the Moment’ Session

    A dynamic and interactive ‘double act’ with a skilled improviser/ performer. This experimental session enables audiences to build self-awareness, trust, connection and communication, adaptability, bonding and pitching skills.

    • Theatre, storytelling, improvisation, collaboration and flow ‘exercises
    • A fun way to confront difficult challenges and solve ‘impossible problems’.
  • Flipping Leaders

    FLIP is built around a unique and proven conversational coaching approach developed by Rob Rave.

    • Demonstrates the power of effective, constructive and dynamic conversation
    • Encourages short daily conversations that impact individuals and teams

“The messages in your presentation especially your FLIP methodology, were powerful ones.”

Managing Partner, global professional services firm, Moscow.